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Sing with Canzona

Canzona is a professional choir of experienced, well-trained singers.  A typical season consists of 2 major concert performances a year, as well as several smaller performances and occasional recording projects. Canzona demands a commitment of time and preparation, and needs to be a singer’s priority.

Canzona usually rehearses on Tuesday evenings, with extra orchestra and dress rehearsals falling during the preceding week and weekend of major concerts. 

2017-2018 Auditions will be held 19-21 March 2017 and periodically throughout the season as needed. The audition and interview process lasts approximately 30 minutes and singers will be required to perform the following:

  1. two contrasting arias*
    • one aria should be from the Baroque era
  2. a short sight reading and range test

*Please choose repertoire in at least 2 different languages.

There will also be an interview with the Artistic Director.  A short choral/solo CV is required.

Please fill out the Sign-Up Form to book your audition.

Support Canzona

Canzona gratefully accepts donations. As you might imagine, ticket sales do not cover the costs of performances, even when attendance is good. As with other performing arts groups in Winnipeg, Canzona relies heavily on funds from granting agencies and the generous sponsors noted with appreciation in the Canzona website and our concert programs. Nonetheless, to put on high quality programs, we encourage private donations of any size. As a registered charitable organization, Canzona provides tax receipts to all donors who supply their name and contact information. If you would like to donate, please contact Canzona at